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Omega 600w Magnetic Light Kit

The Omega Magnetic Kit Contains:

1 x Euro Reflector, 1 x 600w Omega Ballast, 1 x 600 Watt Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp

How the Omega Grow Light Kit Works:

The Omega magnetic kit is ideal for those who need to reduce costs without compromising too much on performance. The ballast features a high-quality copper wound transformer, unlike numerous cheap alternatives on the market that use aluminium, which lowers efficiency and reduces power to the lamp

The lamp supplied with this kit is a dual-spectrum, so it can be used effectively during both the vegetative growth stage and the flowering stage. The extra blue light will ensure that stretching stays at a minimum when vegging and will help to stimulate essential oil production and all-round plant vigour later on in the flowering stages.

The Omega Magnetic Kit also comes with the Euro Reflector – a tried and tested piece of kit that’s been getting the job done for growers across the globe for years and years. It’s highly reflective hammertone panels will ensure that light is distributed evenly, while eliminating the hot-spots that can occur when working with smooth reflector surfaces.

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