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Maxibright Daylight 315w Light Kit

The Daylight 315 ballast system uses an advanced electronic ballast to power the Philips MASTERColour CDM-TMW Elite 315W EL and Philips MASTERColour CDM- TMW Elite Agro 315W EL lamps for excellent PAR output from the lamp per watt of power consumed.

Daylight lamps are extremely efficient Philips ceramic Metal Halide lamps with a spectral output that is close to natural sunlight. As a result, plants form more lateral branches and internodal spacing from day one for strong, healthy growth and high quality yields.

Single Daylight 315 Reflector is designed specifically for, the 315W Philips lamp the arc tube is positioned to ensure the most efficient spread of light over a 1 x 1m area.

How it works

Plants have evolved with the broad spectrum of light wavelengths provided by natural sunlight. With traditional HPS and Metal Halide lighting, red and blue wavelengths are enhanced to promote different growth stages such as vegetative and flowering. Whilst this is beneficial, plants grown under a full spectrum throughout their growth cycle benefit from a more natural quality of light proven to prevent stretching and encourage higher quality growth. Daylight spectrum also allows a more natural formation of branch internodes (less far apart) for increased plant mass.

Available Kits:

Single Light Kit
Maxibright Daylight 315W Ballast
Maxibright Single Daylight Reflector
Philips 315w Flowering Lamp

Dual Light Kit
Maxibright Daylight 315w Ballast
Maxibright Single Daylight Reflector
1 x Phillips 315w Vegging Lamp
1 x Phillips 315w Flowering Lamp

Twin Light Kit
2 x Maxibright Daylight 315w Ballasts
1 x Twin Reflector
2 x Phillips 315w Vegging Lamp
2 x Phillips 315w Flowering Lamp


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